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Costa Rica Real Estate and Property

Real Estate Listings What else could one want more than a great piece of Real Estate in Costa Rica? If you have been here on a vacation or business, you know that this country is one of the most gorgeous in all of Central America. There are few countries in the world...

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Mangrove Tour

Costa Rica Mangrove and Monkey Tour This is a fabulous trip for those interested in the biodiversity of our local ecosystems and wildlife. Ride in a covered boat tour or choose your own kayak paddling through mangrove channels Damas peaceful surroundings. Once on...

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Segway Tours

Costa Rica Jaco Segway Tours Segway Tours  They will teach you how to stand and mount the new 2012 Segway and examine all aspects of security. Professional guides mounted as an expert in 10 minutes. The tour lasts two hours and showed him around the city and the...

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