Welcome to Jaco Beach Costa Rica 

A world famous Central American vacation destination like no other. 

Playa Jaco and its stunning black sand beaches have an unparalleled reputation as one of the premier vacation destinations in all of Central America – and with good reason.

The Experiencing Traveler can find a wide variety of recreational attractions in Jaco Beach, but above all, its location is possibly its greatest asset.

Jaco Beach has been home to two world surf games one was in August of 2009 and the other one in August 2016

Located just a short drive from Costa Rica’s main airport in San Jose, Jaco is the beach in closest proximity to Costa Rica’s capital city, and draws not only throngs of local vacationing Costa Ricans or “Ticos”, but also a sizeable portion of Costa Rica’s 1 million plus international visitors every year.

Jaco Costa Rica Intro

Jaco Beach is the most developed coastal city of Costa Rica, surrounded by mountains, jungles, and ocean.

Located just two hours from San José, it is the closest beach to the capital and the international airport, which has contributed significantly to its development. Great fishing, surfing, canopy tours, horseback riding, rafting, sea kayaking and ecological excursions to complete your day.

At night, dozens of restaurants, sports bars, nightclubs, and casinos occupy you. Of course, you can always relax and enjoy the surroundings. The main street of Jaco is parallel to the coast for about 3 km, with several side streets that go to the ocean.

Here you will find no less than 30 outdoor restaurants that serve all tastes and budgets. Sports bars dot the city with widescreen TVs and satellites so you can keep up with your favorite teams, most have pool tables, foosball and other points of interest, nightclubs, and nightclubs. Casinos Rummy

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Jaco Beach Costa Rica – A Tropical Vacation Paradise

Getting to Jaco Beach has never been easier as the Costa Rican government has invested heavily in infrastructure to support the Jaco area, and recently completed construction of a brand new modern highway leading directly from San Jose to Jaco.

The Caldera highway opened in 2010 and has drastically shortened travel time between the capital city and Jaco beach, subsequently giving Jaco all the feel of a modern-day “boom town.” There is indeed a buzz in the air that the long-awaited completion of this new highway will fuel the fires of additional growth and worldwide interest in this already thriving vacation destination.

Jaco Beach is uniquely positioned for major expansion over the coming years, and the excitement in the air is palatable. Travelling the Caldera Highway is an easy process, and there are several fast and affordable options that will get the job done.

Visiting Jaco Beach in Costa Rica

Should you choose to grab a rental car at the Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose and make the 90 minute drive yourself, about 30 minutes outside of Jaco, you will pass through a town called Taracoles – and over the famous Tarcoles Crocodiles Bridge. Make sure to stop and take some photos, at the very least they will make great fodder for your facebook page.

The Costa Rica Crocodile Tour is highly recommended. If you don’t feel like driving yourself, no worries, as the San Jose airport is always jam packed with Taxi drivers eager to cash in on a fare to Jaco. The ride will run you between 80 and 100 USD one way and allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery on the winding drive through mountains and rain forest on your way to the beach. Alternately there is also several shuttle bus services that runs between the San Jose airport and Jaco Beach)

Costa Rica, Jaco BeachLocating accommodations and Jaco Vacation Rentals  is not a problem, as you will find a variety of Jaco Beach Hotels and resorts to choose from. Stay on the ocean, on the strip or in the rain forest – it’s up to you.

Rental options range everywhere from high-end luxury Jaco Beach condos to budget Cabinas and everything in between.

Once you are settled in and have made your way out into the streets of Jaco, you will immediately notice this bustling beach town has a trademark feel all of its own.

Hippies and surfers walk shoulder to shoulder with families, eco-tourists, backpackers and intJaco Beach Costa Ricaernational businessmen. Ramshackle beach bars are backed up by multi-million dollar oceanfront resorts; street vendors sell empanadas next to five-star restaurants.

There are high-end shopping and locally crafted goods, dollar beers at old wooden beachfront bars and fancy Daiquiris at high-end restaurants and clubs. You may also notice a subtle “Americanized” element blended softly into Jaco’s authentic Costa Rican atmosphere, as noted with the presence of such United States standards such as Subway, KFC and Budget Rent a Car.


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Jaco Beach Costa Rica is a small, vibrant town and a very popular place for students wanting some fun during spring break or summer vacation.

But, it is not just for students.

Nope. This is a Costa Rica vacation place you’ll love, no matter your age.

Today, tourists from around the world visit Jaco year-round, though December to May are considered “high season” (the most people, the highest accommodation costs). Whatever month you want to visit, the Jaco area is the place to go for sun, great Costa Rica beaches and activities.

Jaco Beach Costa Rica has always been popular for Costa Rica tourism because of its fun, casual and relaxed atmosphere, and many friendly people. Thousands of tourists from around the world have already learned of this fantastic place and travel to Jaco for its nearby tranquil, beautiful clean beaches with many things to do. And, it is easy to reach by car or comfortable, cheap, ubiquitous buses.

It wasn’t too many years ago that Jaco was a sleepy little Pacific beach community, virtually unknown. Surfers discovered one great surfing beach after another nearby, a laid-back lifestyle, and cheap places to sleep.

But, secrets are hard to keep and as word got out, more tourists started flocking to Jaco, looking for great relaxation, peace, and fun. Within the last half dozen years, Jaco has boomed. Where, not long ago, there was a single, quiet (except at night) little road through town, now there are towering high rises, nearby resorts, and lots and lots of restaurants and bars.

College kids have long traveled to Jaco because of its “party beach” and cheap accommodations. There is great surfing and lots of bars and discos. They are joined by people of every age and background who come here to enjoy the many things to do and see.

Today, there are many restaurants, taverns, tourist traps, and nightclubs to choose from. Whatever your budget, from luxury to basic (think hostels without hot water) there’s a place for you—-not to mention a tourist souvenir shop.

Though Jaco Beach Costa Rica(directly in front of Jaco) has been one of the most popular beaches for many, many years, nearby beaches (literally just a couple of miles/kilometers away), are much better. You’ll find far fewer people and some of the most ecologically pure water on the planet which have been awarded Blue Flag certifications for cleanliness.

If you visit Jaco, I strongly recommend spectacular Hermosa Beach (Playa Hermosa). It is only a couple of miles from Jaco. Though it is not recommended for swimming (due to its currents and riptides) it is pristine with some of the best surfing on the planet. Indeed, in July 2009 it hosted professional surfers from more than 35 countries who are going to take part in world surfing championships (and party at night in Jaco).

The Beach is Just the Beginning
There are innumerable things to do when you travel Costa Rica.

  • horseback riding along a lovely beach or visit the nearby river with its huge, famous crocodiles.
  • Zipline through the canopy or try sea kayaking or sailing.
  • Visit to Arenal Volcano and sit in the hot springs watching the eruptions.
  • Take a real Swiss train to a real Swiss hotel in the mountains of Costa Rica!
  • Learn to surf or take a Spanish class (some language schools offer surfing as well).
  • Or, soar in an exotic hot air balloon over the jungles.

There are dozens of different activities close-at-hand where you’ll have fun or find a romantic place.

And, if you exhaust all the other activities (probably pretty difficult), don’t forget that you can also experience great off shore fishing. The warm, tropical waters are alive with tuna, sailfish, porpoises, dozens of other varieties, and often whales.

But, whatever your tastes, Jaco Beach Costa Rica is definitely a wonderful place to take your vacation.

First discovered by Christopher Columbus, today Costa Rica is discovered anew by folks from every place on the planet. Though it is only the size of West Virginia, one of every twenty species of plant and animal is found here. When you visit Jaco, don’t stop there.

Jaco Beach Fishing

Fishing is what it’s all about, at least if you are a fisherman.

Everything else is just a bonus. Fishing in Costa Rica is about Quantity and size, if you have a good captain and boat catching Sailfish, Marlin, or Dorado is almost a given, Catching 10 or 20 Sailfish, a 600 lb Marlin or a 60 lb Dorado that’s something to brag.

I have fished El Octal, Flamingo, Jaco, and Quepos and while they were all productive, Jaco stands out as the most consistent, With the opening of the Los Suenos Marina 21-years ago the real potential of this area is just being discovered.

The 200 slip marina is the finest on the Pacific Coast, and a modern fleet of sports fishing boats and experienced captains await you, Captains recommendation and consistently finishes the day as one of the top captains in the marina. Check out his standing in the first leg of the Los Suenos Billfish Tournament.

We fished with Bill in late January this year and in two days landed over twenty sails and 15 large 25-40 lb. Dorados. Believe me, if you want the most excellent chance on that trip you always here other brags about this is the place to accomplish it. Contact Us, and We put together a trip you will never forget.

Travel Costa Rica. After all, you’re already here.

And, be sure to bring a camera and your sense of adventure.

Pura Vida!