Ideas for a different bachelor party

All bachelor parties often include alcohol, by releasing hormones men and scantily clad women around. If this seems trivial, the following options will be for you.

How to organize a different bachelorette

If your friend is getting married and you will organize your bachelor party, not to fall into old patterns and you stick to the basics. Usually, we imagine a meeting in a dark environment, tobacco smoke and exotic dancers who, ultimately, bring more problems than solutions.
In our era of television broadcasting loaded with content and adult night out with access boxes, traditional bachelor parties already exceeded: it is the perfect time to plan something different, time more entertaining and durable.

Original ideas

The first is to make the guest list. Remember accomplices to all the friends and relatives of the future husbands, including siblings, in-laws, father and stepfather. Do list to think of him, not in your particular tastes.
The number of people invited, you can select variants available in your city. Some good ideas are:
Paintball war. A warrior and fun experience in which everyone can participate in two or four teams. Be sure to rent the site with plenty of time, indicating the number of participants for this party service providers have uniforms and enough weapons. Load fresh snacks and drinks for disregard the problem and can share the costs with a closer and even with a small contribution from each invited friends.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars. This is a male and more entertaining idea. You can organize a contest of bumper cars, where the winner will receive a prize. Another option is a race car or karts. Bumper Cars
luxury rides. If you live near the sea, or if the groom already has some age, the best farewell will be relaxing and luxurious. Rent a yacht for the day, put the poker table, and have enough champagne and cold drinks. You can rent beautiful waitresses for all clients to be served like kings, with delicious snacks, wonderful drinks, and the opportunity to enjoy the journey on deck or indulge in a game of poker in the sensational cabins.
themed events. Organizes a themed event at home or at specific sites. Dinner in the dark is one of the options chosen, and the staging of the popular game  (Clues). parts of costumes are another good idea, more jovial. For all contracts of companies dedicated service, which are responsible for the food, drink, decoration and organization of the theme or the heart of business, without having to move too much to consider all the details.
Play sports. If the honoree is a lover of football, volleyball, basketball or any other game in the team organizes a party with all the friends and guests, then they can enjoy all the good food and drink, even in the same place where they met.