Private Shuttles In Costa Rica

Private Shuttles Anywhere In Costa Rica

The private transportation service offers a safe, convenient and flexible way to travel anywhere in Costa Rica. Private transport can be scheduled at any time and from any airport, hotel, private residence or identifiable reference point in Costa Rica.

All vehicles used for private transport are air-conditioned and well-maintained minibusses (passenger minibusses) driven by reliable and committed Costa Rican professionals, eager to help their group to move safely around the country.

Many visitors to Costa Rica make the mistake of underestimating the distances, driving conditions, patience and perseverance needed to navigate between destinations.

Private transportation eliminates the hassle and stress of navigating while remaining flexible with your travel schedule. The service can be customized to meet the needs of your trip. It also offers more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to stretch out in the spacious cockpit, while allowing the driver to trace the best course.

Another advantage of private transportation is that it allows one hour of free travel time, which allows your group to take pictures, take a break in the bathroom or have a meal.

In addition, thanks to private transport minibusses, we can personalize your group’s scenic adventure based on attractions, such as a short hike in a national park, a visit to a coffee plantation, shopping in a traditional Costa town. Rica. or admire a waterfall.

If you are interested in an excursion of this type, we will be happy to offer you options and pricing information based on your itinerary.



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