Playa Herradura  Costa Rica Puntarenas – Los Suenos


Herradura Beach Puntarenas Costa Rica

Playa Herradura

Herradura Costa Rica If you have heard of Los Sueños Resort, you’ve heard of  Herradura Beach.

Herradura Beach, is located about 3.5 km north of Playa Jaco is really beautiful black sand beach and aqua color pristine surf.

Many of the locals go to Playa Herradura to get away from the hassle of jaco city.
The beach has a number of events in the area, including an incredible golf course, marina,and luxury properties for holiday rentals including the famous international Marriot Hotel.

If you love the sun, Playa Herradura is the perfect place to get a great tan or sunburn horrible. Beacause the black volcanic sand is dark and attracts the sun, so the best times to be very early in the morning before 10am otherwise it is likely to burn as this beach has a little shaded area.

 Playa Herradura Los Sueños

Herradura Costa Rica

Playa herradura  is always Offering tranquility in contrast to other areas like Jaco, where the beaches are constantly full.
There are operators of fishing vessels in the area, just in case that you like to try your hand at fishing for some of the larger fish will have to see that this is a great opportunity.

Some of the local operator has been operating for several years, providing the bait, tackle and the experience necessary to have a really good fishing trip… This makes it easier and cheaper. So you do not have to be spending much money on supplies to get things started.

If you are intended to get a vacation rental for a nice price in Herradura Beach, you can find a nice selection in the area And other surrounding areas such as Jaco Beach.

We have wide Varieties of Activities such as, Canyoning Costa Rica, Waterfall Tours, Zip Line Tree Canopy, Sport Fishing, Honeymoon Packages, Private Transfers, and much more..

How to get To Herradura Beach

From public to private and charter bus shuttle services to rental cars and taxis this area is very accessible from anywhere and everything. Access roads to Playa Hermosa are unpaved and in relatively good condition.

From the airport take the main road, take the exit marked Jaco in La Garita. Road signs are clearly marked and it is hard to miss. Go through the checkpoint, through Athens, on the passage of Avocado, through San Mateo, through Orotina. Then follow the Coast Road, passed Herradura and Jacó. After Jaco that are only about 10 miles south of Playa Hermosa.


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