Birds Watching

Birds Watching from Jaco Beach Costa Rica 

Birds Watching Costa Rica, this country has a very good reputation for hosting a wide variety of bird. And the central pacPacifickes a great opportunity for bird watchers.

Birds Watching opportunities in Jaco beach is an everyday adventure.

With over 850 species identifiBirds Waching Costa Ricaed by ornithologists, the areas surrounding, are full of opportunities to see and photograph many rare species of birds including the very rare scarlet macaw. Birds watching has a menu option, with activities, Including horseback tours, trails very easy to access allowing you to get deep into Jaco Beach’s jungles, and others very close spots.

Within a minute’s drive will take you to the launching point with, National Parks, Like Carara, and Manuel Antonio also with small rivers on the coast and one of the biggest rivers in Costa Rica Tarcoles.


Birds Watching tours are available

With Educational and exciting, bird-watching tours, crocodile tours. Tarcoles River offered over fifty different types of birds that can be seen on the site, including a variety of resident and migratory waterfowl. Jesus Christ lizards and iguanas are very remarkable.

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The three travel options include bird watchingcable carand a combination of cable and the SerpentariumTrams and aerial installations are located just north of Jaco.

  • Normal business hours are 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • What to bring: rain jacket, binoculars, cameras, and closed shoes.
  • What the tour includes: naturalist guide, Private transportation (additional Jaco) price of admission.

Central Pacific site of Costa Rica Offers a wide range of activities and Adventure Tours


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