Jaco Ropes Adventure Park

Jaco Ropes,  Adventure Park Canopy Tour

Jaco Ropes is home to the most inexpensive canopy zip line tower in Jaco, Costa Rica. Not only is it the most inexpensive zipline tour, but we are also conveniently located just minutes from downtown Jaco.

Jaco Canopy Zipline Tour

Operated by the same Jaco Canopy Tyrolean Line Manager, Robert Corea from Jaco Ropes provides excellent customer service. It also takes safety very seriously and ensures that guides are properly trained for emergency rescue. Robert has been a member of the Red Cross since 1998. After each visit, the security teams are air-dried and the helmets are still new.

The canopy adventure circuit begins to climb on our giant tree of Ceiba. For those who do not want to climb the ladder, we have a winch to take it to the top without effort. Once you reach the platform, you will be at a height of 20 meters and the top of the tree will be even higher.

The views from inside the jungle to the top of the tree are spectacular. It is estimated that the Ceiba tree is about 200 years old. We have a lot of ceiba trees on the property, but it is the largest and largest you will find around Jaco. Butterflies use the tree as a source of food. We recommend you to take part in a wilderness night excursion with professional nature guides to discover all the incredible species of animals and insects.

The tour includes 6 cables but there are more. This is the only tour in the world to zip around the world!

Kids and adults love the zipper and this is an ideal activity for the whole family. Those who do not want to participate may see other members of the group climb the ceiba tree and fly through the air on the cables.

We are the only four-poster tower where you can see and take pictures of the trails below, perfect for Grandma and Grandpa or even for parents if they do not want to participate in the entertainment.

What to bring?

  • Shoes
  • Insect repellent (they are really not so bad)
  • Shorts, T-shirt (breathable is the best)
  • Camera
  • A big smile!


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