Damas Island Kayaking Tour

Transportation is provided by the tour operator will pick you up at your hotel, where the way out is initiated. For 20 minutes, your guide will explain some of the highlights of the landscape. This Manuel Antonio tour allows you to explore the wonders of the mangrove ecosystem. Set to a river called Paquita against an island of floating along the gentle currents under a canopy of green forest. Be sure to keep your eyes open so you can detect aviary countless snakes, anteaters and white face monkeys species. While noting in this rich habitat silence your guide will explain the nature of specimens found in this unique area. This Manuel Antonio tour takes you through the natural channels and provides an ideal opportunity to observe species of herons, kingfishers, ospreys, and other possibility that migratory birds opportunity.

As you journey through the brackish waters is the island where they pass under the tunnel naturally growing trees . Since this Manuel Antonio tour takes you through the water for about 2 hours and 15 minutes, lunch can be arranged before or after the trip. This Manuel Antonio tour requires no previous experience . Kayaks are available in 1 and Format 2 passengers passengers. Children must be at least 8 years to paddle alone .



Jaco, Costa Rica