ATV Tours By Adventure Tours

ATV Tour by Adventure Tours

2-hour ATV tour

With a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, Jacó Beach and the Nicoya Peninsula, the Glory 2 hour mountain bike tour is our shortest visit, but it’s still fun for the whole family.

The Glory Tour 2 hours is ideal for groups in a limited period., Discover 30 kilometers of virgin forest and beach views with your own personal guide.

Panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, Jaco Beach, and the Nicoya Peninsula, The Gloria tour begins just one kilometer from our headquarters in Jaco, where we access the trail that climbs to the rainforest and our first leg of the tour.

Our first stop offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, Jacó Beach, and the Nicoya Peninsula.

After the opportunity to take photos, we continue for miles along the tops of the Agujitas Mountains and above the canopy before arriving at one of our favorite hidden mountain restaurants, Rancho Shadday, where their name. A place where there is no global crisis.

After a coffee or a quick drink, we begin to come back through the lush mountains through the secondary rainforest.

For the final touch, we stop at a small waterfall that crosses the road to return to Jaco headquarters.

Trail conditions and cycling ability can change routes; therefore, the functions mentioned above may not be available for each visit. Speak directly to your guide on the day of your visit for an up-to-date description of the planned itinerary as conditions may change daily.


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