playa hermosa costa rica

Hermosa is located just a few miles south of Jaco Beach

7 minutes to Jaco Beach

Serious pros Hermosa surf these waves are not for beginners.

   Hermosa Beach Costa Rica

Hermosa Jaco Puntarenas

Playa Hermosa

 Hermosa Beach in Puntarenas is located only about 7 minutes from Jaco.

Playa Hermosa  has it reputation of one of the best places in the world for surfing.

This magnificent jewel navigation offered the best surf breaks. It is said to consistent breaks with some waves that can even reach 13-feet.

There is also a good variety of surf shops on the beach that rent surfboards and equipment to get started. Beautiful waves are so prestigious that have had hosting the International Surfing Championship Quicksilver.
Hermosa Beach is also very well-known among the some of the surfing community that the best location for impressive waves is in front of enormous tree.

Hermosa Beach hosts an annual surf competition that attracts thousands of fans. In 2009 it hosted the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games, the largest international surfing competition in the history of Costa Rica. Familiar faces from 36 countries participated, helping to draw attention excellent surfing and picturesque location Playa Hermosa

Most visitors stay in Jaco and visit Hermosa Beach. One reason for that is because Jaco Beach has the nightlife needed with clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels and rental available.

This beach Usually during the week  is fairly quiet, so you have a good opportunity if you are planning to stay at least for a week or more.

This is the perfect time pay a visit with only busy at weekends

Hermosa Beach   as its name implies Beautiful, but be careful not to beachgoers, here, unfortunately drowned several people of every age and sex, dangerous currents are constant.

Hermosa Beach   can be visited and enjoyed, but with great respect and care to its currents. Important aspects and care if you do not know this beach
Please note that there are many other beaches such as Herradura with passive water.