Sportfishing in Costa Rica

Sport fishing in Costa Rica is a great activity due to  the  large variety of fish.

Always looks for the best deep sea fishing opportunities along this part of the pacific coast

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Go Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many areas where you can practice this fun sport.
Each area has its own Costa Rica fishing lodges, Sport fishing in Jaco beach’s areas including los Sueños in herradura beach, quepos, esterrilos, and many otheres places.

Sport fishing trips are very easy to set with all kind of boots sites and alternatives on prices, On this beaches you can fish for marlin, tarpon, roosterfish, wahoo, snapper, snook, barracuda, tuna. Hot fishing spot are found every where.

Sport Fishing in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, close to the best structure fishing at sea, Our fishing season in Costa Rica is almost the whole year and is consistently good from November to August.
Even if you’re not fishing, this region of Costa Rica has some of the best eco-tourism attractions available for everybody.

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Types of fish and their stations in the area

Marlin Fish

Marlin September to November is the best time to fish for marlin, and October is the month when the top. Blue and black can be had all year, although these are usually needle out beyond the sailboats are usually directed to fishing.

Mahi Mahi , Dorado

These precious fish are caught all year around but peak season start from May to October during the Raining season, when carried out remains of the flooded rivers and creates an attractive environment for growth of fresh weeds that they need to survive. These fish are often caught around floating pieces of tuna timber.


Sailfish once Sailfish migrating north from about December to April it is the best season. In spite of, big and large schools usually show up in this region around October and regularly stay longer, in other times of the year from June to September; sailfish is found working with other species that are closer to the coast during this time of year.

Tuna Fish

Year exploitable gather along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, best fishing is from June to late September. Sizes 9 up to 30 lbs are the very common, but some of the small and the monster from time to time up to 200 pounds are captured as well.


High season is from June to first days of September. Roosterfish enjoys these areas out of the river mouths and along rocky descents. The best places to roosters Sport Fishing, where the river meets Parrita Pacific, Palo Seco between Damas and y Parrita on the outskirts of Damas, near the mouth of the Naranjo River, near the points at Dominical and throughout the Drake Bay and Canos Island area.

Wahoo Fish

These fish are really found the waters sorrowing in Herradura or Quepos. Further south, although it not always found in and around Drake Bay, this is totally true mainly from June to early August.

Snook Sport Fishing

These fish usually caught along the mouths of the rivers up and down this coast, including up the Sierpe River and across the extensive lagoon Sierpe, The best time seems to be between July and November, when rains are the heaviest.

If you want to take a picture in the registry, the largest in the Pacific Black Snook, recognized by the IFGA was captured just outside the mouth of the Naranjo River, for a trolling just outside the breaker line. Maybe you can adjust the fish to the list of legends of Costa Rica fishing.

Ready for the Sport fishing trip of your life time

Our Captain will lead you on a fishing trip to remember. He has established a reputation as an informative and friendly guide, having built up a great deal of expertise in deep sea fishing in Costa Rica, especially marlin and tuna fishing, which he is delighted to pass on. Whether seasoned angler or first-time game fisher, you are guaranteed to learn something new with our Captain