Jaco Costa Rica Zip-line – Adventure on the tree top of Jaco Beach Forest

Slide a top of the tree to another suspended by cables! Jaco This canopy tour is fun and safe for all ages.

This canopy tour is located on approximately 222 acres of land and 50% of this transition is that the forest is a mix of North Pacific dry forest and rainforest in the South Pacific.

Jaco Costa Rica Zipline Tour

Costa Rica Canopy Tours

Jaco Costa Rica Canopy Tour

Best Zipline in Jaco Beach

Zipline in Jaco Costa Rica (Canopy Adventure Tour)

This Central Pacific site has Several really good Zip Lining tours that will ensure you get an unforgettable adventure of altitude.

Vista Los Sueños

Enjoy stunning views of Herradura Bay from the top of the mountain rainforest cover while you glide through the canopy of treetops.

The best zip lining adventures, for those seeking for extreme tours we have Vacations Packages.

Our Packages offers more than one alternative for hanging tours throughout Costa Rica.

Zip Lines and Canopy Tours Companies are fully equipped and certified knowledgeable guides, making sure your trip is safe, fun and unforgettable!

Includes: 10 cables, 12 platforms

Tropical fruits and water in the Conclusion of the tour. Generally, Transportation may be included for a small fee.

Time: 8:am 9:am 1:pm 2:pm
What to Bring: walking shoes, insect repellent.
Includes: Transportation, tropical fruits and water
Price: $75 

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Jaco Beach Zip Line, Canopy Tours

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Playa Hermosa Zip Line Adventure

Chiclets Canopy Tour (Ziplining) is located in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, Costa Rica, 5 minutes from the city of town of Jaco, 15 from Playa Herradura or Marriot Los Suenos.

1 hour from any of the hotels in Manuel Antonio Quepos. If you have plans to visit a Jaco Beach or if you are already in Jaco, this canopy is something not to be missed, this Zip Line excursion is considered by many to be one of the best zip lines tours in Costa Rica.

The tour will make your Vacations to be remembered as one of the favorite adventures in this country.

The Canopy Tour in Playa Hermosa awaits you on your next family vacation in Costa Rica. Definitely an adventure of height that you should not miss on your visit to the central Pacific.

The Canopy tour is blessed to be located right on the edge where the mountain gently touches the Central Pacific Coast. Therefore, the contrast generated by being only 1000 feet away from the beach, but 800 feet above sea level.

Zip-line in the tree-to-tree canopy at 30 miles per hour on 14 wires that pain through the mountains and stretch along the coastline, with incredible scenery created from a perfect combination of lush vegetation the rainforest and the sea breeze, just no other trip like this.

Chiclets Canopy Tour

Adventure Zip line Jaco Playa Hermosa

Zip line Playa Hermosa

Hermosa Beach Zip Line

Carara Zip Line Canopy


The feeling of flying on the trees in our Zip Line Tour is indescribable. An adventure with 12 cables and 15 platforms will make you feel a mix of emotions and adrenaline that will make you say “I have to come back”

The best-certified guides will participate in this unforgettable adventure.

After, get ready to walk on 5 hanging bridges, and not just walk, take the time to enjoy the most beautiful views of our majestic land that will make you feel one with nature.

Is not it just a tour, it’s an experience that will last a lifetime in your memories.

Tranopy Tour – Rainforest Adventures

Aerial Tramway + Canopy Zip Line Combo near Jaco, Costa Rica

Tranopy tour (tram + zip lines). Climb the mountain in our gondolas and fly down over the treetops.

Feel the real adrenaline when flying where the birds are with stunning views of the ocean and a cool breeze that refreshes your entire body.

The controlled break system allows zipline without having to trap the cable so you can feel sensations while flying carefree.

For your safety and comfort, we also have double cables, a double harness, a platform with handrails and high-end equipment to make your adventure unforgettable.

This tour of the canopy includes 10 cables and 15 platforms, some of which are connected to peaceful and natural trails. It is the safest and most entertaining zip-line camp on the Central Pacific coast.

The tour includes:
• Bilingual certified naturalist guide
• Canopy Zip Lines (10 cables and 15 platforms)
• Aerial tram (30 minutes)

Aerial Tram
Explore all levels of the tropical transition forest of Costa Rica from the ground to the treetops.

The unique tram ride allows you to discover all the secrets of the forest while looming over the treetops while enjoying beautiful views of the ocean, a relaxed atmosphere and a peaceful experience in harmony with nature

Zip-line: 10 cables and 15 platforms
Fly over the treetops. Feel the real adrenaline when flying where the birds are with stunning views of the ocean and a cool breeze that refreshes your entire body.

With 10 cables and 15 platforms, some of which are connected by quiet nature trails, this is the safest and most entertaining zip-line camp on the central Pacific coast.

Closed toe shoes are MANDATORY for all attractions, except the aerial tram.

Tour schedule:
• 07:30
• 14:00

NOTE: Closed shoes are required.

* Free transportation to hotels between Backyard Hotel in Playa Hermosa and Villa Lapas in Tárcoles

Zip Line Tranopy
Jaco Beach Tranopy
tranopy tour
Jaco tranopy

Ocean Ranch Canopy Zipline

Tour description
Our canopy zip line tour in Jaco, Costa Rica, is perfect for singles, couples, families or large groups.

Travel itinerary
The zip-line/canopy of the El Encanto waterfall offers the safest and most exciting zip line along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, which offers a dual cable and steel pulley system.

This tour is a special mix of canyons, rainforests and river valleys, with stunning views of the mountains and the ocean.

With more than 2000 meters and eight platforms, you will cross the canopy of the tropical jungle and cross the valley.

The final and longest cable in the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica exceeds 2000 feet. long, and offers approx 1 minute of “flight time” before an exciting landing on the last platform located at Park Grill.

Upon arrival, you will be received and received by your friends and other guests in the park.

This tour is the best when combined with our horse ride or our El Encanto waterfall.

All three are our Nature and Adventure (Three in One Tour) that offers the best value for money!

Group Enjoing an Adveture Zip Line

Zipline hike

Jaco Beach Ocean Ranch ZipLine

Jaco Costa Rica Canopy

Jaco Ropes,  Adventure Park,

is home to the cheapest canopy zip line tower in Jaco, Costa Rica. Not only is it the cheapest zipline tour, but we are also conveniently located just minutes from downtown Jaco.

Jaco Canopy Zipline Tour
Operated by the same Jaco Canopy Tyrolean Line Manager, Robert Corea from Jaco Ropes provides excellent customer service. It also takes safety very seriously and ensures that guides are properly trained for emergency rescue. Robert has been a member of the Red Cross since 1998. After each visit, the security teams are air-dried and the helmets are still new.

The canopy adventure circuit begins to climb on our giant tree of Ceiba. For those who do not want to climb the ladder, we have a winch to take it to the top without effort. Once you reach the platform, you will be at a height of 20 meters and the top of the tree will be even higher.

The views from inside the jungle to the top of the tree are spectacular. It is estimated that the Ceiba tree is about 200 years old. We have a lot of ceiba trees on the property, but it is the largest and largest you will find around Jaco. Butterflies use the tree as a source of food. We recommend you to take part in a wilderness night excursion with professional nature guides to discover all the incredible species of animals and insects.

The tour includes 6 cables but there are more. This is the only tour in the world to zip around the world!

Kids and adults love the zipper and this is an ideal activity for the whole family. Those who do not want to participate may see other members of the group climb the ceiba tree and fly through the air on the cables.

We are the only four-poster tower where you can see and take pictures of the trails below, perfect for Grandma and Grandpa or even for parents if they do not want to participate in the entertainment.

What to bring?

  • Shoes
  • Insect repellent (they are really not so bad)
  • Shorts, T-shirt (breathable is the best)
  • Camera
  • A big smile!
Rainforest Arial Tramp
Rainforest Arial Tramp
ATV Adventure Tour
ATV Adventure Tour
Horseback Riding Tour
Horseback Riding Tour

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